Alice In Chains Releasing Special Signature Bourbon

Just in time for the Halloween Season a new, "Spirit" is making its way on to shelves. Alice In Chains has partnered with FEW spirits out of Illinois to produce a signature Bourbon with a very, unique twist on the standard charred-barrel aging process.

All Secrets Known Bourbon (*song title taken from the band's '09 album Black Gives Way To Blue) has been aging in Tequila Barrels for the last six months to offer fans a new, distinct flavor. It's described as "bold, sweet, and spicy, with grassy undertones of agave. Oh, and just like guitarist Jerry Cantrell's monstrous tones, it packs quite the punch. AIC's booze is bottled at 101 Proof.One thing's for certain, that is one badass-looking labeling they've got there. Looks like it retails for about $75 USD. More details HERE

via esquire -Fb

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