Family's Basement Floods With 5-Inches of Blood

Like a scene right out of "The Shining" and just in time for the Halloween Season, comes this story about a basement full of .....BLOOD! Listen basements are scary enough without having them fill up with animal blood and waste. That's exactly what happened to this Family from Bagley Iowa.

To make matters worse, the Lestina's were getting ready to put their house on the market when the discovery was made. The Father noticed a horrifying smell coming from the basement (dear Lord, IMAGINE that smell.....) and found a slurry, 5-inches deep full of animal blood, bone and waste product. The house is right next door to a meat processing plant (read: slaughterhouse) and before this, hasn't posed any problems.

According to this article, the plant had been dumping hog and cattle remains down a floor drain which is connected to the homeowners pipes. The company is now working with the insurance company to try and reimburse the family, but only after the Department of Health and the local media got involved. More on the story HERE

source: KTIV News

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Photo: (WHO/NBC News) @ktivnews

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