The *Best New Podcast Has Launched

So, I finally got off me arse and cannonballed into the Podcast Pool. Remember what "Andy Dufresne " said in Shawshank Redemption: "Get busy livin'....or get busy dyin'." I'm going to do my Best to cover a lot of ground, to keep things fresh and offer something different from the Ocean of other Podcasts available now. Each episode will touch on different topics from classic rock(obviously) to comedy, pop culture, sports, TV, movies and more. Consider this your one-stop shopping for all your Podcast entertainment needs. Oh, and I'll also make it a point to shed some light on great, Local Businesses too.

Without further adieu, may I present to you, Episode #1 featuring East Boston native, Joe Yannetty. He's part of the cavalcade of Comedian's performing at Comics Come Home 25, a benefit for the Cam Neely Foundation (more details on all the fantastic work they're doing HERE) Hosted by Denis Leary, it's happening this Saturday night, November 9th at TD Garden.

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*WARNING: there is some "grown up" language involved in this operation, so ...don't say we didn't warn ya


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Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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