Boston Tops List Of Worst Traffic In The Country

"Winning" (?) : Boston did it again. Our fair City has topped the list of Worst Traffic Congestion in the Country. INRIX is a Transportation analytics company and completed a study finding that Bostonians lost 149 hours or roughly SIX DAYS in 2019 due to traffic. That number is down overall, from the previous year, but it was enough to put us ahead of Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City.

The study, which you can read more about HERE, also found these traffic jams cost each driver, on average $2,205 due to the cost of gas, insurance, and wear and tear on your car. If you're wondering which City in the U.S. has the least amount of traffic congestion, that would be Wichita, Kansas. Around the Globe, the title of Worst Traffic belongs to Bogota, Columbia. It clocked in at a staggering 191 hours a year lost due to traffic.

via WBZ

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Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images

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