With 10 years NFL experience including 125 regular season games and a storied college football career playing for the CU Buffs in Boulder, Colorado; it is no wonder Ted Johnson is still a fan favorite. Stopped by fans who offer gratitude for his time on the field with the New England Patriots, he welcomes every interaction with both young and old and engages the public with entertaining stories of his playing days.

Ted Curtiss Johnson is a retired NFL linebacker (1995-2005) who was a critical defensive player on the team that began what would become the New England Patriots dynasty. A 2nd round NFL Draft pick in 1995, he went on to a 10 year, successful career with the New England Patriots and became a celebrated 3 time Superbowl champ (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX). Ted’s pride in being named the New England Patriots Team Captain for the 1996, 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2004 seasons, Captain of Defense, as well as Signal Caller every year of his playing career demonstrates his passion for work ethic, leadership and team.

Upon retirement from the New England Patriots organization in 2005, Ted worked at CBS Boston doing both pre- and post- game shows. In 2008-2009, he worked for NESN doing Patriots programming andText Box 2 then co-hosted two national CBS Sports Radio shows during 2013-2014- Split Decision with Nick & Ted and The Josh & Ted Show. In February 2017, he was asked to do a nightly live television broadcast during Superbowl LI. Graduating with a degree in Communications from CU, he developed a love for teaching and mentoring and as such served as adjunct professor at Suffolk University in 2009-2010 teaching courses in Leadership.

Ted’s thoughtful commitment to the disenfranchised is demonstrated in his past philanthropic work with the Penikese Island School where young men are court appointed for reasons often associated with less than optimal home environments.

His personal mission statement is always close at hand reminding him to remain authentic, humble and grateful and his candor regarding both personal challenges and triumphs alike have allowed him to resonate with many in need. As an advocate for both current and retired NFL players, he is vigilant in his long-standing support of concussion research and awareness and he has been sworn in to a Special Committee for Brain Injury by Governor Baker.

Ted currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts where he does both television and radio on air work for both 100.7 WZLX and NBC Sports.