Do Europeans Find Our Cool Boston Accents Sexy?

Via Babbel Magazine. Americans love European accents, especially French, but what American accents do Europeans find sexy? And how many of them love the sound of a guy in Southie screaming , “don’t even think of pahkin’ there!”? Babbel teamed up with over 400 staffers from General Hostels in 43 countries to find out which accents they found most attractive.

1. Deep South (20%)

2. New Yorker (18%)

3. Bostonian (17%)

4. Southern Californian (16%)

5. Texan (14%)

6. Midwestern (10%)

7. Minnesotan (5%)

Really? They find people who say, “Y’all”, sexiest? The ones who find our Boston accent to be the hottest are the Germans (30%), Spaniards (27%) and the Dutch (26%). So if you meet one of them in a bar this weekend, lay on that accent wicked hahd!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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