What Time Do You Let Your First Swear Of The Day Fly?

(Photo credit should read FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty Images)

 According to a study in NYPost.com, the average American utters their first curse word of the day at 10:54 am. I have to think that happens a lot earlier around Boston roadways.

Cursing is the most common way to express stress and frustration, according to the results of the study conducted by 9Round Kickbox Fitness.

Why do we let that verbal fire spew? Here are the top ten causes of stress and frustration for Americans.

  • Financial worry, 52.05 percent
  • Not getting enough sleep, 6.00 percent
  • Health concerns, 35.35 percent
  • Work, 29.50 percent
  • My partner, 25.90 percent
  • My children, 25.25 percent
  • Home life, 23.60 percent
  • Family responsibilities, 22.60 percent
  • The news, 20.80 percent
  • Politics, 16.60 percent
Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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