Stevie Ray Vaughan's First Guitar Sells For $250K

Imaged by Heritage Auctions,

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s first guitar, a 1951 Fender Broadcaster known as “Jimbo” has just sold for $250,000 through Dallas’ Heritage Auction. It used to belong to his brother Jimmy Vaughan, who carved the name "Jimbo" into the back. He presented it to his 12 year old brother so he would stop playing his guitars!

Stevie took it to shop class and stripped the finish off the body, making it his own. He eventually traded it in in 1971, but regretted it once he became famous. He then went on a quest to find it again. The story of this guitar's travels is a good one, click here to read about it from

This is one of my favorite SRV videos. He's playing "Look At Little Sister" in Austin Texas 1989, when one of his strings breaks during the solo. He finishes the solo with 5 strings and smoothly transitions to another guitar. Amazing...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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