Guy Draws Phallus In Lake Bed That Can Be Seen From Space

Via A satellite captured a 50-meter image of a penis drawn on the bottom of a dry lake bed near the Australian city of Geelong.

A Facebook group shared the images of the male anatomy, but most Australians thought it was fake until they checked it themselves on Google Earth. The group is trying to find out who is behind this giant creation and wrote: “If the legend who did this can inbox us with any form of proof, that’d be awesome. We have a beer with your name on it.”

 One commenter wrote, “Traveled all the way from New York City to see this beauty. Would do it again.” Really? I could see a trip to the beach, but travel halfway around the planet to look at lake bed graffiti?

Here's the image of what the astronauts in the Space Station get to look at every time they fly over Australia...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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