Bud Fills "Victory Fridges" In Cleveland Hoping For Browns Win


It's been 598 days and counting, and 17 straight losses since the Cleveland Browns have won a football game. As Patriots fans, this is something we can't relate to, but imagine the pain and suffering this fan base has been through.

Bud Light has put a pot of gold, actually beer, at the end of the rainbow. They've installed "Victory Fridges" holding 200 Bud Lights in 10 bars around Cleveland. When, or if, the Browns get their first regular season victory, the fridges will unlock by WiFi, giving out free beer to delirious Browns fans.

 The Browns will open the regular season on Sept. 9 when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Then they play the Saints the following week. Soooo, maybe they'll get free beer when they play the lowly Jets on September 20th? 

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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