How Many Trucks Get “Storrowed” This Week?

Here we go! The annual migration of college freshman to Boston. Eighteen year olds from all over the country, wide eyed and excited to start their life in a new city.

A tired, frustrated, lost Dad still stunned by the giant tuition check he just wrote, is driving his daughter to her new dorm at Harvard. The yellow rental truck full of bedding, clothes, furniture and a mini fridge reaches the fringe of the city, and the Waze app on Dad’s phone says Storrow Drive is the quickest route to their destination. The problem is, the truck is 12’ 3” and the bridges are 11’ 9”.

Bang! You’ve been storrowed!

The City of Boston has taken a preemptive strike with this tweet, but will it help?

How many trucks do you think will be “Storrowed” this year?

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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