Metallica Unveil Spooky Video For Their New Whiskey Brand

Via Metallica is getting into the spirits business with a blend of American bourbon, rye, and whiskey called, "Blackened". Whiskey that isn't just barrel-aged, but also sound-aged to their music. The secret ingredient is "Black Noise" — billed as a patent-pending, "sonic-enhancement" process that uses METALLICA's music to help "shape the flavor" of the whiskey.  

Master blender Dave Pickerell told Rolling Stone that the brandy casks contain a lot of wood chemicals. "Right near the surface is the wood caramel, so when you burn the barrel, you make char and right behind the char there's what people call the red layer," he said. "That's where the wood sugars get hot enough to caramelize but not hot enough to burn. There's a lot of caramel right underneath the char, so the thing I'm going for is pulling some extra wood caramel out. As the ligaments in the wood break down, they form six different compounds that all taste and smell like vanilla — one actually is vanilla. If you can cause the interaction between the whiskey and the wood to be enhanced by sonic vibration, you can cause the whiskey to pull extra goodies out of the wood."

Drummer Lars Ulrich added: "We're talking about the super subs down in the low frequencies. You know when you're driving next to somebody on the street and you hear, like, super great bass-heavy tracks coming out of the car and you can just feel it rather than hear it? That's because the subsonics actually move the air and the molecules."

Watch, Dunks will be next to sonic enhance a large "Reglah".

You can pour yourself a glass of bass born "Blackened" on September 29th. A bottle should run you about $43.

Check out the dramatic video they made. Oooooooooooooooo..........whiskey.  

Chuck Nowlin

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