Mikey And Jay Became Famous 3 Years Ago Today With This "Baby F@$#% Whale"

Mikey Bergin and Jay Foster become big stars for a short period of time three years ago today when their, "It's a baby f@#&%ing whale" video went viral. Out fishing in Boston Harbor, they got out a cellphone when they spotted this sea creature, which turned out to be a salt water sunfish, and unleashed a hilarious fear filled description in a Boston accent that nobody in Hollywood could ever reproduce.

Their new found fame led to an interview on Jimmy Kimmel and no doubt, free beers at every bar in Malden.

Let's go back and listen to these two amateur marine biologists one more time!!!

Bonus material! Somebody put their audio to an old New England Aquarium TV commercial. Awesome....

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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