Is My Wife Getting The TB12 Treatment?

So, my wife Kelly has been going to TB12 in Foxboro for workouts and physical therapy for a while now, she fancies herself an athlete because she went to Boston College on an athletic scholarship.

She always comes home with stories of Gronk, Julian Edelman, and Tom and Giselle being there, but I didn't ask too many questions about her treatments until she showed up in this ad for TB12 with a trainer doing some sort of elbow, butt realignment?

Anyway, she said it's all part of being an athlete. Then today I saw a video of Tom Brady himself working out there and couldn't help but wonder if she does this same routine.

I immediately sent it to her and asked if she does this at TB12 in Foxboro, and more importantly, if I could do this to her at home. 

No response...

I think as a caring husband I would enthusiastically help her "train" with this TB12 method, and then we could have avocado ice cream.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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