Friendly's Offering "Pothole Sundaes" In Their Restaurants


Via Bone rattling, front end alignment causing, swear inducing pothole season has arrived. To help make it tastier, Friendly's restaurant today unveiled Nor'Easter Pothole Ice Cream Sundaes on the menu.

After a succesful debut last year in stores, it's now available in their restaurants in a fancy sundae glass.

A Friendly's statement says,“Complete with a delicious landslide of flat tire fudge, crème cookie gravel, and chocolate asphalt chips, the chocolate ice cream sundae at Friendly’s is sure to make potholes a little sweeter. Finished with marshmallow snow pile topping and milk chocolate rubble, there’s no better way to enjoy the cold weather.”

Well, a Carribean beach sounds like a better way to enjoy the cold weather, but I would crush one of these right now!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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