Drinking Your Own Urine Is The New "Health" Craze Of 2019

Via NYPost.com. Come on! All the cool kids are doing it! In a bizarre new Facebook craze, people are joining "urine therapy" groups to spread the word about the health benefits of drinking your own urine.

They believe that chugging your own pee will not only cure all kinds of ailments but will also give you more energy. One group called Urine Therapy: THE REAL UNIVERSAL REMEDY, offers tips for those interested in discovering the joy of urine.

They claim that it can "eliminate disease" and that the bodily fluid “opens doors of your soul” and “heals every part of your being”.

Just like Mom, they suggest you start the day off right, “The mid-stream of the first-morning urine is the most important drink of the day.”

But wait, there's more! Urine eye-drops, enemas, gargling with your pee, urine foot baths, and aging it like whiskey to concentrate the effects.

Think about all that healthiness that you've flushed away all these years! There's no scientific evidence to back any of this up, but as you can see here, they are believers...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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