My God! They're Making KitKat Drumsticks!!!

The real question here is, why did this take so long? We all know and love the classic Drumstick Cones. Vanilla ice cream in a cone, which is covered in a chocolate shell, coated with roasted peanuts, and don't forget that chocolate nub at the bottom of the cone.

There have been variations through the years, caramel, banana, strawberry, and even Butterfinger. But now, Drumstick scientists have taken one of the best Halloween candy treats and put it in the freezer, KitKat Drumsticks have arrived!

As Instagram food reviewer @snackgator put it, " Break me off a piece of that cream cone! The chocolate shell isn’t any ordinary chocolate’s got KitKat wafer pieces embedded into it!"

There goes the last of my New Year's resolutions...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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