Bruce Springsteen and Peter Wolf Go Guitar Shopping In Boston

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First Bruce is spotted having a beer in Boston, now he's going guitar shopping with Woofa Goofa.

According to , Peter Wolf came into Mr. Music in Allston last Friday afternoon with his buddy Bruce Springsteen. Store owner Tom Barone said, “Peter always comes in; he’s a regular. He’s like family to us. We’ve known Peter for at least 20 years. He comes in and hangs out with us, and that day he came walking in, and he says, ‘I’ve got a friend with me,’ and it was Bruce.”

I wonder if they ignored the "No Playing Stairway" rule?

“He sat down and started playing guitar. Him and Peter were just jamming along, trying out some pedals,” Barone said. “He just poked around, checked out all my stuff, sat there, shot the s*** with the salesman.”

Do you think I'll see Springsteen next if I stake out Kelly's Roast Beef?

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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