Gronk On The Tonight Show Describes Taking A Beer Can To The Face

Via Despite a plea from Boston mayor Marty Walsh not to throw anything, it sounds like it was raining full beer cans on the Duckboats at the New England Patriots Super Bowl Parade Tuesday. Yesterday we heard the story of a photographer who had to have his face glued back together after taking a can to the face. His biggest complaint was that it was a Natty Light.

Gronk was on The Tonight Show last night showing Jimmy Fallon the cut near his left eye from a 12 ounce missile that hit him.

He said, “Everybody in the duck boat was juking them. We’re getting good practice for next season. Next thing you know, I move back a little, and I’m just chilling, looking, and then, ‘Pop!’ You see that? [points to cut] Full beer can right to the face. I was bleeding all over the parade on the duck boat. Then, my dad, he’s blocking all the next shots. You can see him he’s karate-kicking a beer flying at me.”

He also talks about his race horse, tells a great story about his clutch fourth quarter Super Bowl catch, and his friendship with TB12 and Julian Edelman.

Check it out...

Duckboat Photog Got His Head Split Open By A Natty Light At The Parade
Duckboat Photog Got His Head Split Open By A Natty Light At The Parade
He was on a Duckboat when he got nailed in the forehead.
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