Looking For A Unique Valentine's Day Gift?

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Valentine's Day pressure is on. We're down to the final hours to find a gift and you have no idea what to get that special someone. Flowers? A heart shaped box of candy? How about stepping out of the box, and getting them something to confuse and delight?

I present edible chocolate butt holes. Hear me out, they'll get a good laugh and these are "premium" chocolates, so they taste good too! I posted this on my Facebook page a week ago and the response was overwhelming with people asking where they could get them. Well, where you get everything, through Amazon!

The Amazon description says, "Box contains 6 anus shaped chocolates which are made from solid milk chocolate. Please be warned that these are adult novelty chocolates and are not suitable for children. Warning: Contains Milk, Soya Lecithin. May also contain traces of nuts." Oh, that's unfortunate...

Update! I just checked Amazon and they're sold out! So, I guess a card and a bag of Twizzlers from the Mobil Mart on the way home should be ok. Happy Valentine's Day!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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