Today Is The Anniversary Of The Greatest Rock Interview Ever


Via Chris Farley was a comedy genius. So many of his Saturday Night Live sketches have become SNL classics, but one of his best was "The Chris Farley Show."

Chris played an interviewer who is terrified of interviewing celebrities. He's so afraid he'll say the wrong thing or come off as an idiot, that he beats himself up on camera when things go badly, "stupid question!"

There were only 3 episodes. One where he interviewed Jeff Daniels, another one with director Martin Scorsese, and the one that aired on Feb.13, 1993 with Paul McCartney.

With Chris nervously twisting up his fingers he asks, "Remember when you were with the Beatles? That was awesome," with patient kindness. "Yeah, it was," McCartney responded.

To watch this comedy gold, click here The Chris Farley Show:McCartney.

And then watch this clip of people who worked with Chris Farley break down the episode, and how what we were watching... was the real Chris Farley.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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