Doors Played Boston This Day In 1970, And Jim Wanted To Share...Something

Via April 10, 1970 The Doors played two shows at The Boston Arena. The afternoon show went OK, the midnight show? Not so much. Boston's finest were out in force in the aftermath of Jim Morrison's infamous arrest in Miami the year before for alleged indecent exposure on stage. Morrison, pounding beers, played with the crowd all night, stopping during "When The Music's Over," to ask "What do you want? What would you do with it baby?" The comments triggered wild screams from the crowd but Morrison was quick to recant: "I think I'll pass."

The midnight show was supposed to end at the curfew of 2am, but the manager was afraid this was going to go way past, so he cut the power to the stage before the witching hour. Everything went out except Jim's microphone which was powered from a different p.a. system. A torrent of profanity spilled out of the lead singer as keyboardist Ray Manzarek grabbed Morrison and hauled him offstage, only to lose his grip once the two reached the wings. Running back to the mic, Morrison told the crowd "We all should get together and have some fun, because the a--holes are gonna win if we let them," then offered to lead the fun by asking the audience if they wanted to see his genitals. Boston's finest were not amused.

That night of music and Morrison ramblings was released in 2007 as "Live In Boston," here's Break on Through from that night.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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