Patriots 2016 Super Bowl Championship Ring Is Up For Auction Right Now!

You'll never get a chance to get a ring for winning the Super Bowl, but you can buy one right now. There's an auction going on for an authentic New England Patriots Super Bowl LI ring until May 16th. Which player's ring is it? Well, they're keeping it secret. The only way to know is if you're the winning bid.

Weighing in at a whopping 105 grams, the description is enough to make you want to sell a kidney to get the money together... "It's ostentatious enough to make a rapper blush, heavy enough to send a strong swimmer to the bottom of the lake. The word "massive" doesn't even begin to describe this eye-catching stunner, but, to be fair, five Lombardi Trophies take up a decent amount of space. We find those symbols of NFL dominance completely "iced-out" in shimmering diamonds on the face of this dinner plate-sized symbol of American football's highest achievement, sandwiched between the words "World Champions" that supply the showpiece with a facial diameter of approximately an inch and a half (1.5"). There are 283 diamonds, representing the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, from a 28-3 deficit."

They say it's worth $60,000, so right now it's a bargain with a high bid of $28,000. If you want to check it out and think about getting a second mortgage to add this to your Pats collection, click here for Heritage Auctions.

Let's relive that game! #GreatestComebackEver

image: patriots/twitter
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