Billy Joel Celebrates Turning The Big 7-0

Happy Birthday Billy Joel. He'll be celebrating his 70th with thousands of fans at Madison Square Garden tonight. In an interview with he said, "This is a Peter Pan kinda job. You start out, and you're young, and you're rockin' and rollin', and that's what you do all your life. You become a little myopic about how old you actually are."

Upon seeing photos of himself recently playing Madison Square Garden, he said, "That don't look right. I got old, I lost my hair. I was never a matinee idol to begin with, and there I am onstage still doing the same job I was doing when I was 16."

Being 70 also has it's challenges when your youngest children are 3 and 1, "The difference now is that people think I'm my kid's grandfather," he said, "I take her to school and one of the other parents will go, 'Oh, your granddaughter's so cute.' I just say, 'OK, thank you.'"

Billy Joel makes his 6th appearance at Fenway Park on September 14th.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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