Bear Force One Has Landed In Boston

Via What a perfect day for Jet Blue's new "Bear Force One" plane to touch down at Logan Airport. After the Bruins dominated The Carolina Hurricanes in the first two games of the Eastern Conference Finals, the first plane dedicated to a team in the NHL was formally presented by JetBlue at a ceremony featuring Bruins president Cam Neely.

"I don't mind saying, I don't mind that we're going to ruffle some feathers in some of the cities that this plane lands in," Neely said.

Bear Force One made it's inaugural flight out of Logan Airport today,loaded with fans flying to Raleigh-Durham Airport, ahead of the Bruins' game Tuesday against the Carolina Hurricanes. Aunt Bea and Goober must have loved seeing this magnificent beast coming in to Mayberry International Airport. The voice of the Bruins, Bob Beers, welcomed passengers on board and reminded them to stow their bags in the overhead compartments.

Each seat was decked out with a "Bear Force One" t-shirt and Bruins fans waved yellow towels on take off! Check it out!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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