The Who Are Getting Pooped On In Concert

The Who are coming to Fenway Park September 13th. Hopefully, the Kenmore Square pigeons are fans. Just a few shows into the tour, their band tech Brian Kehew writes in his Backstage Blog, that they've been under aerial assault at some outdoor venues...

"We are only the second show here this season. And surrounded by nature, a place like this (a permanent structure here year-round) becomes a haven for wildlife. Not bears and zebras, so much as birds. As soon as we came in, we are “greeted” by the constant screeching of many birds overheard – nesting in the rafters and beams about 50-60 feet overhead. It’s their spring season, too, and nests have hatching and growing offspring. Which is where it gets rather dark; throughout our day of work, we were on constant alert for (a) falling bird feces, and (b) falling birds themselves."

"Soon after setting up, our monitor crew (on Pete’s side of the stage, with two large, expensive mixing consoles) requested a tent be set up over them. We’ve had tents put up over the years, usually from intense sun or rain, of course. It’s the simple pop-up canopy with legs. Good thing they did – within minutes, messy spots were appearing right over them; bird droppings right over their seats and the gear. Not ALL of their space could be covered and there were a few audio pieces that got splattered, too."

"Musicians, too – one of our cellists was hit full-on, hair and clothes, and I saw other near misses in the cello section right near us; those are expensive instruments in an orchestra, and this is a hazard not expected in any venue. During Loren Gold’s piano solo for ‘Love Reign O’er Me’, he was nearly hit, as we saw something drop right behind him."

Roger Daltrey has been yelling at fans for smoking weed, the meltdown could be epic if he gets nailed with bird poop in deep center at Fenway.

The Who Rock "Won't Get Fooled Again" With Toy Instruments - Thumbnail Image

The Who Rock "Won't Get Fooled Again" With Toy Instruments

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