Tourist Snaps Pic Of Seagull Stealing Her Lobster Roll Out Of Her Hand

Via Alicia Jessop was visiting Maine and thought she had the perfect shot to share on social media. A delicious lobster roll, lighthouse in the background, beautiful blue sky, when a beach pigeon decided to be a part of it. A seagull swooped down and stole her lobster roll right out of her hand.

"I literally was snapping the pic as this happened," Jessop wrote. "I had no clue he was headed my way, because I was trying to get the correct angle with the lighthouse. The jerk swooped in on me and snatched my lobster roll!"

Still, she was determined to have what turned into the most expensive lobster roll she'll ever have.

"I showed the girl the seagull attack picture and she didn’t even throw me a discount," she wrote

"$43 and one seagull attack later, I am now enjoying my first lobster roll at Fox’s Lobster House in York, Maine,"

Welcome to New England!


images: twitter alicia jessop @rulingsports

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