Tom Brady's Photo Of All 6 Of His Superbowl Rings Together Is Stunning!

Last Thursday at Bob Kraft's house, your Superbowl Champion New England Patriots received their rings. The rings are white gold and 422 diamonds. Details around the band include the inscription “still here,” the game’s final score (13-3), the player’s name, and their respective uniform number encrusted in diamonds. Inside the ring, an inscription reads “we are all Patriots,” along with Robert Kraft’s signature. As you can see, The GOAT enjoyed showing off his HALF DOZEN pieces of jewelry.

Today, Tom shared a close up photo of all those incredible diamond rings together on Instagram with the caption, " Do you know which ring is my favorite? ....The Next One!!!#bigjonny#goblue💯🏈"

Any NFL player would give his left something to just have one of these. To see this family of hand ornaments together is unbelievable! Feel free to do what I did, and send this to every friend and relative who is a Patriot hater, even they have to be in awe of the GOAT...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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