Kraft Introduces "Salad Frosting" To Trick Your Kids Into Eating Veggies

I can't imagine who summed up the courage to propose this idea at the Kraft marketing meeting, and the fact that some executive shouted, "brilliant!" Kraft introduces "Salad Frosting." It's just a tube of Ranch Dressing, but it's packaged to look like something you would put on Timmy's birthday cake.

So, instead of asking, or in my case, telling your kids to eat their vegetables, you can trick them into it by making it seem like dessert. In a news release from Kraft they said, "Kids will eat anything with frosting, right? It's a match made for dinnertime bliss."

I'm having trouble picturing kids jumping up and down for a plate of steamed cauliflower, and I can't wait for the in laws to go off on you if you bust this out at the table, "why do you coddle them?"

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