We Have A New "Booty Slapping" World Champion!

Via FoxNews.com. Since we're in this downtime between Boston Championships, I found a new "sport" that might be of interest. Last year they held the Men's Face Slapping Championship in Russia. It was absolutely brutal, with some guys getting knocked out from an open hand shot across the bow. However, the winner did get to go home with around $470.

It became such a "hit" on social media, they came up with a Women's Slapping Championship. I guess they felt that it wouldn't be right for women to slap each other across the face, so they modified it to the, "Booty Slapping Championship." Debuting at the annual Yashankin Cup bodybuilding competition in Moscow, the idea is to knock your opponent off balance, unlike the men's event where you had to slap each other until one of you gave up or fell down, out cold.

Another noticeable difference, the participants in the men's competition looked like Siberian cave men, the women are all, "fitness models."

Check it out...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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