Get A Photo Of Yourself On Top Of Mt. Everest Without Dying!

Via Looking for something cool to show your friends that you had the most awesome Summer vacation ever? Show them a photo of you on top of Mt. Everest. That hill has been in the news a lot lately because really, really rich people who have no business attempting to climb it, have been dying as they run out of oxygen waiting in line to get to the top. It used to be such a rare occasion for a skilled mountain climber to scale Everest, but it's become a big tourist destination for the uber wealthy, so they can take a selfie from the top of the world.

John Oliver did a segment on how stupid it is on HBO's "Last Week Tonight." He said, “climbing Mount Everest has somehow gone from being a rare feat of extraordinary skill to something that looks like the line at Trader Joe’s.”

Another great line about how the Sherpas do all the work, “For many climbers, Everest is not unlike Simon and Garfunkel.” There is someone along for the ride to the top and there’s someone pulling all the weight. And I’m not saying who’s who, and neither is Art Garfunkel, unless Paul Simon writes it for him.”

For those of us who don't have an extra $100K to spend on an expedition, Last Week Tonight unveiled their new joke Photoshop company, Adventures Indoors Luxepeditions, “the world leader in getting people to the summit of Mount Everest without ever actually going there.” By visiting, you can insert a photo of yourself onto the heads of Everest climbers — a safe way to fake the achievement while drinking a beer in your underwear at home.

Look at me! I'm on top of the world!!!

Click here at to get your selfie.


image: (PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images)

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