Priest Says, "Fat Women Don't Go To Heaven." Woman Helps Him Off The Stage

Wow! What a take down. This happened in Brazil at some kind of huge outdoor Mass, where a priest told the crowd that, "fat women don't go to heaven." A woman jumps up on the stage to express a counter opinion, and this Padre goes flying head first into the crowd.

According to the post, "A celebrity Brazilian priest who is celebrated in the country for his lively sermons was violently pushed from a stage yesterday while delivering mass in Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo. The incident occurred shortly before 3 p.m. after a woman was able to rush past security and approach Father Marcelo Rossi during a ceremony at the headquarters of Canção Nova, which is a Brazilian Catholic community known for broadcasting religious material online. Marcelo Rossi, a preaching powerhouse who has reportedly sold millions of musical records in Brazil and was once dubbed a "pop-star priest" by the Associated Press, was seen in video footage of the unexpected mass invasion toppling from the stage as onlookers watched on in shock. The Catholic priest was giving an address during the closing ceremony of a youth camp which had an estimated 50,000 attendees. He was not seriously injured and officials noted he soon returned to the stage to complete his sermon, which was being streamed to the internet. The woman—who has not been identified—was detained by the local police."

Is this Church or WWE action? What a hit!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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