Man Tries To Smuggle One Pound Of Cocaine Under His Toupee

Via If you've ever flown into Logan Airport after being out of the country, you know the feeling is, "tense." Lines snaking around to the Customs Area, police dogs sniffing luggage for drugs, steely eyed agents studying you for any sign of nervousness, "tense!"

So this 65 year old guy was either crazy or a little over confident when he tried to smuggle a pound of cocaine under his toupee. He arrived at the airport in Barcelona Spain on a flight from Columbia, when authorities noticed his wig, "protruded more than necessary."

Security officers detained the suspect and allegedly discovered that he had a package strapped to his head underneath the toupee. Spanish police say the package contained about 1.1 pounds of cocaine with an estimate value of 30,000 euros. He was reportedly charged with crime against public health.

Take a look at this gentleman and picture the moment he looked in the mirror and thought, "Damn, I look good! No one will ever know."

image: PolicĂ­a Nacional/Twitter

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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