Watch This Guy Save A Dog From A Hot Car. Why Is This Still Happening?

Via What the hell is wrong with people? Why do people continue to leave dogs in hot cars? And this happened in New Mexico! Gerasimos Klonis was leaving a restaurant with his girlfriend, when he heard a dog in distress. “The dog is sticking its snout out of a one to two-inch crack trying to breathe,” he said. “It was obviously struggling to breathe.”

His girlfriend called 911, twice, minutes passed and he was faced with a dilemma, wait for the cops to show up or break the glass. He grabbed a crowbar and smashed the window cutting himself badly enough to need stitches, but he frees the dog, who can't stop drinking water. The owner shows up later and the cops charge him with animal cruelty.

One more time, if you own a dog don't lock them in the car and crack the window, it's not enough!

Watch this hero...


Here's another one, come on!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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