The US Pizza Team Takes The Gold At The World Championship

I was today years old when I learned that there was a US Pizza Team, and that they won the gold at the 2019 World Pizza Championship. I have so many questions. Like,how do you make the team? Do you have to make a delivery in 30 minutes or less? Best pizza flipper? Cook it so it doesn't get that giant bubble on one side?

The United States Pizza Team (USPT) returned to the “Food Valley” of Italy, Parma, to compete in the 28thEdition of the World Pizza Championships. With a number of first-time competitors on the world stage and seasoned USPT veterans, the hopes were high to bring back some precious metals. And indeed they did.

U.S. Pizza Team member Scott Volpe of Fiamme Pizzeria in Tucson, Ariz. stunned the crowd with his seamless blend of hip-hop break-dancing and flawless dough spinning.

Why don't I get ESPN 8 The Ocho so I can watch action like this while I wait for the Patriots season to start? Check out these mad pizza skills!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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