Mike Tyson Says He Smokes $40K Worth Of Pot A Month

Via DailyMail.co.uk. Former heavyweight champion and ear biter Mike Tyson revealed he smokes $40,000 worth of pot every month on his podcast this week.Is that even physically possible? The 52-year-old king of Las Vegas also sells around $500,000 worth of cannabis each month from his 420-acre ranch in California.

But that's not all, the fighter has bold plans for his Tyson Ranch, a playground for stoners which will feature a luxury hotel, golf course, glamping tents, a lazy river that will take a full hour to cross, and an amphitheater for concerts.

There will even be a Tyson University to teach cannabis-cultivation techniques to future farmers. I'll bet you can use your diploma to roll up a big fatty. "Dude, I went to TU!"

Let's take a tour of farmer Mike's products.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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