Girl Professes Her Love For Tom Brady After Wisdom Teeth Removal

When my daughter had her wisdom teeth removed this year, I joked that I was going to video her after and share it to the world. The dentist and my daughter both threatened me with bodily harm if I did that.

Gabby Kenney of Marblehead recently had her wisdom teeth removed and in her drug induced haze she didn't realize she hit record on her phone during the ride home. “Tom Brady is so pretty and he doesn’t love me. Why?” the 17-year-old recorded herself asking her mom, Rosaleen. Her anguish about the GOAT started in the chair when she asked "Daddy is going to call Tom Brady! Is he gonna come?"

She's also concerned about Gronk's commitment to the Pats. “I love him and I love Gronk but he left us mommy. What if he stops rooting for the Pats. What if he starts rooting for the Steelers? The Steelers are so bad.”

Think she'll get a call from her long lost love in Foxboro?


Image: Getty Images

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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