There's Now A Beer For The Chaos Of Students Moving Back To Boston

Via The yearly migration is nearly upon us. Sweating and swearing, parents driving SUV's and rentals that survive Storrow Drive will descend on Boston to bring students thirsty for knowledge, and all their belongings back to school.

For the thousands of students moving into apartments off campus, it's a free for all of old couches, desks, lamps, and infested mattresses left on the sidewalk from previous occupants for anyone to make their own. It's affectionately known as "Allston Christmas."

A person can work up a powerful thirst in all that chaos, so Harpoon Brewery has come up with a beer for it. On August 28, Harpoon will offer Allston X-Mas, a limited-release New England IPA made with Citra, Lotus, Centennial, and Eureka hops, as well as a sidewalk of ingredients pulled from past projects: rice flakes, English pale malt, and rye malt. Notes of citrus, mixed berry, and black currant round out the beer, which will initially be available at Harpoon’s Seaport brewery before being shipped out to bars and restaurants throughout Greater Boston. Only one small batch of Allston X-Mas was made, so supplies are limited.

So make sure you fridge that beer before you go treasure hunting September 1st, so you can enjoy a cold one on that itchy couch with the questionable stain on it that you found.

You can get Allston X-Mas starting August 28th at the Harpoon Brewery on 306 Northern Ave. in Boston.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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