TSA Bans Coke Bottles That Look Like Grenades On Flights

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction at Disneyland has been a huge success since opening in May, they're opening another version tomorrow at Disney World Orlando. And they have marketed the bejeebus out of it, offering more than 1,000 items to take home as souvenirs.

But there's one item the TSA says you are NOT bringing on the plane. Coca-Cola made a specially designed “thermal detonator” bottle for the new attraction.

TSA has told fans that the bottle, which costs $5, looks too much like a replica explosive and therefore won’t be allowed in carry-on or checked baggage. Coca Cola describes the orb shaped bottles as having a, "rounded look, resealable caps and brand names printed on scuffed, rusted labels in Aurebesh, the written language featured in the film franchise.”

If somebody cracked one of these cola grenades next to me on a flight to Newark, I would probably lose it.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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