Meet The Man Accused Of Baiting Trees With Peanut Butter And Razors

Via 64 year old Martin Brian McGrath of East Falmouth, was charged with animal cruelty, reckless behavior creating a risk of serious bodily injury and injuries to trees. This is the guy accused of smearing peanut butter with razor blades in it on trees in Goodwill Park in Falmouth. Who does this??? Squirrels are a problem around the Nowlin estate, but I just yell at them as they raid the bird feeder, and they ignore me.

"While conducting surveillance, M. Brian McGrath was seen baiting and then watching trees as unsuspecting animals were lured into the bait-covered razor," investigators said. He didn't talk to reporters on his way out of court, but documents say he told investigators, "Yes, I feed the squirrels."

"McGrath stated that he put the razor blade in the tree with a pair of channel locks about a year ago and that he did this in order to hang a Cliff Bar to feed the squirrels," police wrote. What?

His bail was set at $500 and he's been ordered to stay out of the park.


Image: Falmouth Department of Marine and Environment

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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