There Was Only One Storrowing This Year?

Via Last week's onslaught of students, rental trucks, and angry Dads left the bridges of Storrow Drive almost damage free. It's a yearly tradition. Students return to the educational hub of the universe the first weekend of September with all their stuff, and in their confusion about whether to go left, right, or listen to WAZE, they drive a too tall rental truck onto Storrow Drive and become wedged under a too short bridge, affectionately known as being "Storrowed."

In years past you could make an over under bet on how many trucks it would be, but this year, there was only one. A Ryder Rental struck the Silber Way Bridge, somehow facing eastbound in the westbound lane.

Did the electronic warning signs, social media campaign and "Storrowing Shaming" work?

See you next year...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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