Couple Takes A 60 MPH Nap Driving A Tesla On The Mass Pike

I drive the Mass Pike everyday and I've seen a lot of things, but I've never seen somebody asleep behind the wheel at 60 mph. Dakota Randall was driving the Pike through Newton when he saw this couple taking a nap behind the wheel of a self driving Tesla.

Now, Teslas are cool cars, but the company says when you use the self driving feature you should stay alert with your hands on the wheel. There's been some well documented accidents that would have me wait until they perfect this technology before I try it out, but not this guy! He's happily, as Metallica would say, "off to never never land," while flying through Metro West.

Dakota recorded the dreamers and posted it online. According to the Mass. State Police issued this statement after reviewing it:

We made contact with the person who shot the video of the sleeping or unconscious driver, and he was not able to provide a license plate or any other identifying information about the vehicle or driver. At this time there are no further investigative steps being taken. We remind the motoring public that whatever the cause of the condition observed by the witness, whether sleep or impairment, it was extremely dangerous behavior that put the couple in that car and other motorists around them in danger. The operator would potentially be subject to criminal charges. We remind the public that anyone who observes any type of dangerous driving behavior should immediately call 911 so that Troopers or Officers can immediately try to locate and stop the vehicle.


Image: Dakota Randall

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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