This Is What A $2.2 Million Lamborghini Looks Like

Lamborghini unveiled their first hybrid car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany this week and it looks like something the Green Goblin from Spiderman would ride on top of.

According to, the new car, called the Sián, will be the fastest and most powerful Lamborghini ever made and only 63 of them will be produced to commemorate the year of Lamborghini's founding in 1963. The name, Sián, means "bolt of lightning" in the traditional Bolognese dialect of Lamborghini's northern Italian home.

Even though the Sián is a hybrid it will still rely mostly on its gas-powered 774 horsepower V12 engine. When you combine that with a 34 horsepower electric motor, the car will be capable of producing a total of 808 horsepower. Wow!

The car will be able to go from zero to more than 60 miles an hour in under three seconds and will have a top speed of more than 217 miles an hour. And this car doesn't just have lithium-ion batteries like other hybrids, the Sián has a lightweight supercapacitor developed by MIT mounted just behind the passenger compartment.

Unfortunately, all 63 of the Siáns that will be made have already been pre-ordered. I don't think this car could handle our potholes anyway...

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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