Would You Like To Try A Chernobyl Vodka Cocktail?

Russia is famous for it's vodka and it's nuclear accidents. Now, they've put them both together! Introducing, Atomik, an "artisan vodka", made with grain and water from the Chernobyl exclusion zone, you know, where they had the reactor meltdown that almost destroyed the country? This is the first consumer product to come from the abandoned area around the damaged nuclear power plant.

Professor Jim Smith of the University of Portsmouth UK told BBC.com, "This is no more radioactive than any other vodka. Any chemist will tell you, when you distill something, impurities stay in the waste product. So we took rye that was slightly contaminated and water from the Chernobyl aquifer and we distilled it. We asked our friends at Southampton University, who have an amazing radio-analytical laboratory, to see if they could find any radioactivity. They couldn't find anything - everything was below their limit of detection."

Sounds like a glowing review. They hope to make 500 bottles of Atomik this year. So, do you think you would throw a shot or two back?

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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