Do You Love The Patriots Enough To Get A Bill Belichick Tattoo?

Via The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots look so dominant two games into the season, and they're 22 1/2 point favorites over the New York Jets for this weekend's game. Everybody loves the Pats! Well, around here.

I've seen a lot of Patriots tattoos, the logo, players numbers, there's even that guy who had a Patriot helmet inked onto his head, and he's in Florida prison, but I've never seen a big Bill Belichick tattoo on somebody, until now.

Nicole Gavin of Bridgewater is a diehard Pats fan, so she asked tattoo artist Ryan Jones, the owner of Real Art Studio in Taunton, to put this finely detailed tattoo of the Pats head coach on her leg. 6 1/2 hours worth of work later, she has this incredible image of BB captured in a moment of celebration, or anger, or happiness, or just being Bill.

What do you think? The pencil behind the ear is a nice touch...


Image: St. Petersburg Police Dept.

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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