Sexy Mr. Rogers Costume Is Here In Time For Halloween!

Via One of the most talked about movies coming out this November, is Tom Hanks portrayal of Fred Rogers in "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood." The trailer shows all the things you loved about Fred, the cardigan, the theme song, the toss of the loafer, it's everything you remember from your childhood.

Now those childhood memories have been twisted into a Halloween costume. Online retailer Yandy presents, "The Nicest Neighbor" costume. It costs $59.99 — comes with a red V-neck knit sweater, a detached collar and tie, and high-waisted gray booty shorts. To complete the look, there’s also a vinyl wig and creepy puppets as part of the“Be My Neighbor” costume kit for an additional $12.95.

I assume this is for women only? Please... Happy Halloween!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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