The Boob Pillow Is Here To Save Your Cleavage

Thanks to extensive research at a cost of millions of dollars and hundreds of lives, you can finally be free of the horror of "cleavage wrinkles." Actually, this is the first I've heard of this being a thing, but since the ran this story about the "Boob Pillow" over the weekend, we're all getting an education.

A new ad campaign says, “Fight cleavage wrinkles with Sleep&Glow pillow bra. The neckline is an essential part of the feminine figure. If you want to keep this area looking elegant and alluring, then this post is for you.”

They also stress that, "Breasts need extra support — even at night — to reduce “the effect of gravity.” Stop living your life so recklessly, save your boobs! The boob pillow costs $69 and is available from

But, does this work for manboobs too? Ladies, would you wear this to fight gravity?

Hey, there's a video!!!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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