The Ax From "The Shining" Just Sold For Over $200K

The Shining is one of those great movies that inspires people to quote lines like, "redrum, redrum," "Lloyd, hit me again," and Jack Nicholson screaming "Here's Johnny," as he breaks down the bathroom door his wife is hiding behind with an ax.

That ax with a three foot long wooden handle and a blade about one foot long and an inch thick that Jack Nicholson chased his family around the Overlook Hotel with, just sold at auction in England for $209,000. I wonder what the new owner will do with this frightening prop?

At last year's WZLX Halloween Bash there was someone dressed up as the door from the movie with his head sticking through it, and he made it to the best costume finals!

Watch this video of Jack Nicholson pumping up the crazy in him to film the pivotal scene. It's awesome!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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