Natick Mall Bathroom Comes In Number 2 In America's Best Restroom Contest

Via Congratulations to the Natick Mall. In a national contest put on by cleaning company Cintas, their first floor restrooms came in runner up in the, "America's Best Restroom Contest."

And really, isn't coming in number 2 in this contest better than number 1? Taken into account was cleanliness, functionality and visual appeal. The company website said,

“The Natick Mall restrooms include a waiting room with a chandelier centered above. They also feature makeup stations and two private changing/nursing rooms with a lounge chair and outlets. Each stall also includes a marble shelf to hold your bag.”

I have personally checked this out.'s nice.

The winner was the Nashville Zoo which features floor to ceiling glass windows where you can look out over the monkeys. Of course they would win, you get to watch monkeys throwing poop!

Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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