Bad Christmas Toys, Volume One

My friend Joel Beck was in the toy aisle at Target and came across the, "Flush'n Frenzy" game. The instructions on the box are simple, "push the plunger til' the poop pops up!" Not to get too nostalgic about playing Monopoly or even Candyland with the family, but who came up with this fecal fiasco?

You press on the toilet flush handle to roll the dice which will tell you how many times you get to plunge the plunger. If the poop comes flying out of the toilet, you have to grab it mid air to win tokens.

But which would you get for the kids for Christmas, "Flush'n Frenzy," or "Don't Step In It?" It's a slippery poop covered slope though, next thing you know, kids around the country will be throwing doody at their friends.

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Chuck Nowlin

Chuck Nowlin

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